The City Clusters and the Multi-Airport Systems in the Internet Era: New Links for the Global Aviation Development At the 2nd and 3rd World Internet Conferences, President Xi proposed separately a strategic vision an... 【More】

May 25 - 26, 2017 ●  Beijing

China World Hotel


China Civil Aviation Development FORUM 2017

The City Clusters and the Multi-Airport Systems in the Internet Era: New Links for the Global Aviation Development

Speakers in Previous ForumsMore>>
  • LI Jiaxiang

  • WANG Zhiqing
    Deputy Administrator

  • Arun MISHRA
    Regional Director
    ICAO Asia and Pacific Office

  • Ingrid CHERFILS
    European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)

  • Margus RAHOUJA
    Director Aviation International Transport
    Affairs, DG MOVE Europea

  • Susan KURLAND
    Assistant Secretary
    US DOT

  • Josephine TEO
    Senior Minister of State Ministry
    of Finance & Ministry of Transport

  • HUANG Wei
    Executive Vice Governor
    Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government

  • CHEN Gang
    Vice Governor
    Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Government

  • ZHENG Xiaosong
    Vice Governor
    Fujian Provincial Government

  • ERDENEBILEG Tserenchimed
    Director General of
    CAA, Mongolia

  • WU Chengchang
    Chief of Safety Supervision

  • SUN Xiaomei

  • HAN Jun
    Director General
    Dept. of International Affairs and Cooperation, CAAC

FORUM 2017

The Civil Aviation Development Forum is designed to serve as a high-level communication platform for global aviation leaders.It is hosted by Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC),Civil Aviation Management Institute of China(CAMIC)is honored to be entrusted by CAAC to organize the Forum since 2007.Each year there are 400-600 attendees,about one third foreign and two thirds Chinese(your potential customers...【More】

Organizing CommitteeMore>>
  • Administrator, CAAC

    FENG Zhenglin
Vice Chairman
  • Deputy Administrator, CAAC

    DONG Zhiyi
Secretaries General
  • Director General, Department of General Affairs, CAAC

    LIU Lusong
  • President, CAMIC

    SUN Xiaomei
  • Deputy Director General, Department of General Affairs, CAAC

    GAO Jun
  • Director General, Office of Aviation Safety, CAAC

    TANG Weibin
  • Director General, Department of Policy, Law and Regulation, CAAC

    YAN Mingchi
  • Director General, Department of Development Planning, CAAC

    WANG Changyi
  • Director General, Department of Finance, CAAC

    LIU Jinbo
  • Director General, Department of Personnel, Science & Technology and Education, CAAC

    REN Yingli
  • Director General, Department of International Affairs, CAAC

    HAN Jun
  • Director General, Department of Transport, CAAC

    LIU Feng
  • Director General, Department of Flight Standard, CAAC

    HU Zhenjiang
  • Director General, Department of Aircraft Airworthiness Certification, CAAC

    YIN Shijun
  • Director General, Department of Airport, CAAC

    DIAO Yonghai
  • Director General, Office of Air Traffic Regulation, CAAC

    XU Hao
  • Director General, Bureau of Aviation Security, CAAC

    WEI Yajun
  • Party Secretary, CAMIC

    SHA Hongjiang
  • Vice President, CAMIC

    WANG Lixin
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