Aviation Economy—A New Formation Of Economy Development

May 16 - 17, 2013 · Beijing

China World Summit Wing Hotel

Organizing Committee and Invitation

Organizing Committee
LI Jiaxiang, Administrator, CAAC
XIA Xinghua, Deputy Administrator, CAAC
REN Yingli, Director General, Department of Human Resources and Education, CAAC
WEI Jincai, Consultant, CAMIC
Vice Secretary-General:
SUN Xiaomei, President, CAMIC
CHU Chengping, Director General, General Office,CAAC
LU Erxue, Director General, Office of Aviation Safety, CAAC
MA Zheng, Director General, Department of Policy, Law and Regulations, CAAC
DIAO Yonghai, Director General, Department of Planning and Development, CAAC
ZHOU Laizhen, Director General, Department of Finance,CAAC
YANG Shengjun, Deputy Director General, Department of Human Resources and Education, CAAC
GAO Yingzhan, Deputy Director General, Department of Human Resources and Education, CAAC
HAN Jun, Director General, Department of International Affairs and Cooperation, CAAC
SHI Boli, Director General, Department of Air Transportation Regulation, CAAC
WAN Xiangdong, Director General, Department of Flight Standards, CAAC
YIN Shijun, Director General, Department of Aircraft Airworthiness&Certification, CAAC
QIN Zhanggao, Director General, Department of Airport, CAAC
SU Langen, Director General, Office of Air Traffic Management Industry, CAAC
SONG Shengli, Director General, Public Security Bureau, CAAC
SHA Hongjiang, Party Secretary, CAMIC
WANG Lixin, Vice President, CAMIC
Respected Guests:
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2013 China Civil Aviation Development Forum, we invite you to attend this important international symposium.
The Civil Aviation Development Forum is designed to serve as the annual communication platform for global aviation leaders. It is hosted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC). The Civil Aviation Management Institute of China (CAMIC) is honored to be entrusted by CAAC to organize the Forum since 2007. Each year there are 400 attendees, about 1/3 foreign and 2/3 Chinese (your potential customers). The Forum will provide many insights into priorities for Chinese government investment and development in civil aviation. Many of the speakers will be high level government officials in charge of aviation development during China’s 12th Five Year Plan (covering 2011-2015). The attendance of outstanding and influential uests made the Forum a resounding success with significant impact in the global aviation community.
The China Civil Aviation Development Forum sincerely welcomes you to share your thoughts with the global aviation experts. We are looking forward to your participation in this platform to expand our vision for future development.
We join with global aviation partners to hope for your presence at this Forum! Look forward to meeting you this coming May in Beijing!

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