Accelerating the Transformation of Global Civil Aviation

May 11 - 12, 2011 · Beijing

China World Summit Wing Hotel

Organizing Committee and Invitation

Organizing Committee
LI Jiaxiang, Administrator, CAAC
XIA Xinghua, Deputy Administrator, CAAC
LIANG Qitong, Director General, Dept. of Human Resources and Education, CAAC
WEI Jincai, Consultant, CAMIC
WANG Liya, Director General, CAAC Air Traffic Management Bureau
SHA Hongjiang, Director General, General Office, CAAC
LV Erxue, Director General, Office of Aviation safety, CAAC
MA Zheng, Director General, Dept. of Policy, Law, and Regulations, CAAC
DIAO Yonghai, Director General, Dept. of Planning and Development, CAAC
ZHOU Laizhen, Director General, Dept. of Finance, CAAC
LI Jiangmin, Director General, Dept. of International Affairs and Cooperation, CAAC
SHI Boli, Director General, Dept. of Air Transportation Regulation, CAAC
JIN Yibin, Director General, Dept. of Flight Standards, CAAC
ZHANG Hongying, Director General, Dept. of Aircraft Airworthiness&Certification, CAAC
QIN Zhanggao, Director General, Dept. of Airport, CAAC
SU Langen, Director General, Office of Air Traffic Management Industry, CAAC
SONG Shengli, Director General, Public Security Bureau, CAAC
SUN Xiaomei, President, CAMIC
WANG Jiadong, Party Secretary, CAMIC
YANG Shengjun, Deputy Director General, Dept. of Human Resources and Education, CAAC
GAO Yingzhan, Deputy Director General, Dept. of Human Resources and Education, CAAC
CUI Xiaofeng, Deputy Director General, Dept. of Human Resources and Education, CAAC
WANG Lixin, Deputy President, CAMIC
Respected Guest :
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2011 China Civil Aviation Development Forum, We invite you to attend this important international symposium.
2011 is the first year of China's 12th Five Year Plan. The next 5 years will be the critical time for the Chinese aviation system to accelerate both development and transformation—and do both simultaneously. We hope to increase Chinese civil aviation competitiveness while also increasing our international cooperation. We are looking for a win-win situation in competition and cooperation.
The 20011 Forum is CAAC's only annual high-level international forum. This year we will stress the new 12th Five Year Plan and the theme of "Accelerating Transformation of Global Civil Aviaton"
The Civil Aviation Development Forum is designed to serve as a communication platform for global leaders. It is hosted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The Civil Aviation Management Institute of China (CAMIC) is honored to be entrusted by CAAC to organize the forum since its beginning in 2007. The first forum had 350 delegates; in 2010 the number reached 500. About one third are foreign. The attendance of outstanding and influential guests made the Forums a resounding success with significant influence in the global aviation community.
We sincerely invite our international friends to join us again this year, especially since this is the beginning of China's 12th Five Year Plan. Let's take this opportunity to communicate sincerely and openly, join hands to push forward the transformation of the development modes, and embrace the new age of global civil aviation.
We look forward to welcoming you in May, 2011!

Mr. Liang Qitong              Mr. Wei Jincai
Organizing Committee
2011 China Civil Aviation Development Forum

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